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Threat Research November 4, 2015

“Offline” Ransomware Encrypts Your Data without C&C Communication

Early in September, Check Point obtained a sample of a ransomware. When the sample was run, the following message, written in Russian, appeared:   Translation: “Your files are encrypted, if you wish to retrieve them,…

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Threat Research August 31, 2015

Global XMPP Android Ransomware Campaign Hits Tens of Thousands of Devices

Introduction Ransomware has been a well-known method of attack in the PC world for quite some time. Many PC-based ransomware variants have been thoroughly covered and their malicious payloads described by security researchers. In the…

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Threat Research August 17, 2015

What You Can (and Can’t) Do Against Ransomware

It happens very quickly: one moment your files are there, and the next they’re not. All you did was download some “useful” software, or run an email attachment that you got from a colleague. The…

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Security Insights July 26, 2015

Current Wave of Ransomware

Today, ransomware like Cryptolocker is hitting organizations around the globe. At Check Point, we can help prevent these ransomware attacks through a multi-layered approach to security. The current round of ransomware is coming in through…

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Threat Research October 31, 2014

Mobile Security Weekly – Three New But Classic iOS and Android Attacks

This week’s issue includes three classic mobile security issues that shine a spotlight on iOS and Android attacks. Far from the type of news enterprises want to see, these are new ways mobile device users can…

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Threat Research August 27, 2014

Hacking the Hacker

  How We Cracked the Code on DirCrypt Ransomware Ransomware has become a top computer security threat over the past few years, with a rapid evolution of variants and techniques. It is perhaps the most…

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