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Corporate Blog December 17, 2018

Check Point Forensic Files: Fileless GandCrab As Seen by SandBlast Agent

Background   January 2018 saw the debut of the GandCrab ransomware, a well-known malware that is distributed on the Dark Web which targets mainly Scandinavian and English-speaking countries.   In addition, the GandCrab Affiliate Program offers low…

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Research May 17, 2017

Check Point Reveals Global WannaCry Ransomware Infection Map at CPX Europe 2017

Check Point researchers have been investigating the ransomware campaign in detail since it was first reported. With a new Check Point WannaCry Ransomware Infection Map, the researchers were able to track 34,300 attack attempts in…

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Research September 1, 2016

Check Point Forensics: PokemonGo Ransomware’s Hidden Unexpected User

It was inevitable. Given the popularity of PokemonGo, ransomware developers have already attempted to trick users into downloading malware that claims to be PC versions of the popular mobile game. There are currently already two…

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Research August 22, 2016

Check Point Forensic Files: Proving Ranscam ransomware does not provide a way to recover files

Every week we see new ransomware variants as cyber criminals continue to generate revenue from holding victims’ files for ransom. In July, a new ransomware was discovered that is an out-and-out scam. It does not…

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Research July 20, 2016

Check Point Forensics: CTB-Faker Ransomware

SandBlast Agent Forensics Introduction The concept is quite simple: we run a malware sample on a PC in our malware lab, with all protections turned off, and let SandBlast Forensics automatically analyze it, providing comprehensive…

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Research July 5, 2016

Check Point Forensic Files: Cerber Ransomware Distribution using Office DOTM files

The start of a series This blog entry is the first in a new series featuring reports from Check Point SandBlast Agent Forensics. The concept is quite simple: we run a malware sample on a…

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Research June 20, 2016

Cerber Ransomware Targets U.S., Turkey and the UK in Two Waves

New ransomware families appear on a regular basis, each with a different method of operation. The Cerber ransomware, which has a sophisticated implementation process, uses a very interesting tactic in its attacks. It operates in…

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Research June 6, 2016

Zcrypt: The Ransomware Virus Hybrid

A recent piece of ransomware has emerged that is causing quite the stir. The reason – it is in fact a virus and can infect users even through USB devices. The technology itself is not…

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