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Security Insights September 14, 2015

The Problem with Traditional Sandboxing

Hackers have come to recognize and understand the usual methods of threat prevention, like antivirus, anti-bot and firewalls. While these are essential elements in a comprehensive security program, today’s advanced hackers use their knowledge and…

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Security Insights September 2, 2015

Introducing Check Point SandBlast Zero-Day Protection

Cyber threats are continuing to evolve, and hackers are finding new ways to hide malware inside emailed documents, on websites as “drive by” exploits or in downloadable content. Many attacks begin by exploiting known vulnerabilities…

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Security Insights June 3, 2015

Stopping the Next Massive Cyberattack – Step 3: Implement Security Controls

After assessing network strengths and weaknesses and building a properly segmented network, the next step to stronger security is to implement security controls. Cybercriminals are using sophisticated methods to attack specific targets and steal valuable…

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Threat Research December 9, 2014

How we Collect Infections by the Numbers?

We have to admit there are advantages to being one of largest data security companies in the market. While our appliances and software blades are out protecting businesses around the globe, they are under attack…

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Threat Research November 20, 2014

New Miercom Report on Zero Day and APT Malware Catch Rates – Check Point Outperforms the Competition

If you protect your network with something other than Check Point, you may not be as protected as you thought. A new report just released by Miercom, a leading network security testing firm, compared the…

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