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Uncategorized November 15, 2016

Can SandBlast Block Unknown Attacks? Challenge Accepted, Network World!

Recently, David Strom and Network World decided to put our zero-day protection technology to the test, literally. Now, after in-depth security analysis, we are excited to share the findings with you. In short, Strom found…

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Uncategorized May 17, 2016

Introducing Check Point SandBlast™ Cloud

The increasing adoption of cloud-based email tools such as Microsoft Office 365™ allows businesses to efficiently communicate and collaborate, without investing resources in managing and maintaining their own dedicated IT infrastructure. However, the shift to…

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Security Insights October 27, 2015

One Step Ahead

What are forward-looking CSOs doing to stay beyond the reach of cybercriminals? Recently, I was in New York City, where I was fortunate enough to have tickets to one of the hottest shows on Broadway:…

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Security Insights October 2, 2015

A Solution for the Evolving Threat Landscape

The threat landscape has severely changed over the last few years, and organizations have to constantly keep up with sophisticated threats and advanced tactics of cybercriminals. With multiple tools at hackers’ disposal, new threat variants…

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Security Insights September 22, 2015

Closing the Malware Gap: The Rise of Threat Extraction

Attackers most commonly enter organizations through everyday means such as an emailed file. While these documents look innocuous, they can easily contain malicious content delivered in the form of macros, embedded Java script and even…

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Security Insights September 9, 2015

The Sandbox Evolved: An Advanced Solution to Defeat the Unknown

The modern threat landscape is one of constant evolution. Everything is changing before our eyes – the types of security threats we face, and especially the methods cybercriminals use to infiltrate networks and confiscate data.…

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Security Insights August 27, 2015

Leadership, Validation, Innovation and Continuous Improvement

From 1,300 known viruses in 1997 to over 100,000 new malware variants created each day in today’s world, the business of threats has become an industry operating at a dizzying velocity. Combatting today’s industrial production…

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Security Insights July 26, 2015

Current Wave of Ransomware

Today, ransomware like Cryptolocker is hitting organizations around the globe. At Check Point, we can help prevent these ransomware attacks through a multi-layered approach to security. The current round of ransomware is coming in through…

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