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Research April 16, 2015

Protecting Beyond the Point of Sale

The sad reality is that retail breaches are becoming too common. With over a billion credit cards in circulation in the US and over 7 billion worldwide, credit card data has become a prime target…

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Research March 12, 2015

Segmentation – the Simplest Security Policy Most People Miss

In our 2014 Security Report, we highlighted a quote from Bill Cheswick, a world-renowned computer security expert, who in 1990 talked about first-generation network security focusing on perimeter protection. He called this simple perimeter security…

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Research February 24, 2015

Is Software Defined Protection the New Software Defined Networking?

Software Defined Networking (SDN) is the latest buzz term to take over the networking world – and is not to be overlooked. With the goal of automating network infrastructure functions that used to be fixed…

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