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Forrester Research names Check Point Software a Leader in Endpoint Security Suites

SandBlast Agent Complete Endpoint Protection received highest possible scores in the Malware Prevention, Data Security, and Mobile Security criteria   We are pleased to announce that Forrester Research recognized Check Point as a Leader in its newly published report, “The Forrester Wave™: Endpoint Security Suites, Q2 2018”.   “Check Point offers a fully featured, traditional…

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Corporate Blog June 21, 2018

Healthcare, Retail, and Finance: Gen V Attacks Affect All Industries

Fifth generation mega-attacks have changed the cyber security landscape forever.  As proven by the WannaCry and Petya ransomware attacks last year, using vulnerabilities and exploit tools stolen from intelligence agencies, attackers can now cause economic chaos across all industries around the world.   From finance to healthcare to manufacturing, almost all organizations across all industries…

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Corporate Blog June 5, 2018

Check Point IoT Blog Series: ‘Home, Smart Home’ – But How Secure Is It?

The smart home is often idealized as a domestic paradise — your fridge orders your groceries for you, your robot vacuum cleaner zooms from room to room, and changing the thermostat is as easy as pulling up an app on your phone. But beneath the surface of this always-on, seamlessly connected exterior, however, lie significant…

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Corporate Blog November 7, 2017

Account Hijacks Affect Everybody, Even ‘Top Dogs’

Being “cool and smart” was the name of the game when we were at school, and it seems nothing really changes as we get older. With the ‘cool factor’ among IT professionals translating into the adoption of modern IT technology, it’s not surprising to see why today’s businesses are being pushed ever faster towards to…

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Corporate Blog October 31, 2017

Layered protection is a must. Here’s why.

Cyber attacks are advancing in their sophistication. Take WannaCry – once it makes a single entry, its ability to spread throughout the organization and evade protection layers infected hundreds of thousands of computers. These advances make it clear that there’s no singular point solution that can act as a “magic bullet”. Companies have been approaching…

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Corporate Blog August 30, 2017

July’s Most Wanted Malware: RoughTed and Fireball Decrease, But Stay Most Prevalent

Check Point’s latest Global Threat Impact Index reveals that that the number of organizations impacted globally by the RoughTed malvertising campaign fell by over a third during July, from 28% to 18%. RoughTed is a large-scale malvertising campaign used to deliver malicious websites and payloads such as scams, adware, exploit kits and ransomware. Despite its…

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Corporate Blog August 21, 2017

Is Malware Hiding in Your Resume? Vulnerability in LinkedIn Messenger Would Have Allowed Malicious File Transfer

The popular business social network LinkedIn has accumulated over 500 million members across 200 countries worldwide. Whether you’re a manager seeking to expand your team or a graduate on the job hunt, LinkedIn is the go-to place to expand your professional network. As the world’s largest professional network, LinkedIn has acquired a noteworthy reputation. Individuals…

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Corporate Blog August 18, 2017

ZoneAlarm Anti-Ransomware Earns “Editor’s Choice” from PC magazine

A recent review in PC magazine by Lead Analyst, Neil J. Rubenking approaches one of cyber security’s latest growing concerns, ransomware. Various comparison tests of anti-ransomware products were conducted while specifically focusing on Check Point’s consumer anti-ransomware product, ZoneAlarm. ZoneAlarm by Check Point is based on the same technology of its enterprise grade product, SandBlast…

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Corporate Blog August 15, 2017

“The Next WannaCry” Vulnerability is Here – Let’s Stop it before it’s too Late

This Tuesday, Microsoft released a security patch including 48 fixes, 25 of which are defined as “critical”. While Microsoft updates happen every month, this one reveals an especially dangerous vulnerability – CVE-2017-8620. Behind this dull name hides a severe flaw affecting all current versions of Windows, which enables attackers to spread a contagious attack between…

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Corporate Blog August 11, 2017

Are You Prepared for the Next Attack?

A WAKE-UP CALL From WannaCry and Petya to the most recent attacks today, #LeakTheAnalyst and HBO—it is now apparent that anyone or any organization is a target for cyber criminals. Attacks continue to grow at an alarming rate – in volume, sophistication and impact. As of May 2017, Check Point products are detecting over 17 million…

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Corporate Blog July 31, 2017