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Research October 19, 2016

Phishing: Reeling in Enterprises for Hefty Profits

Can you believe that phishing, the scam that tricks users into giving away sensitive information like their credit card numbers and bank login credentials, is still with us after more than twenty years? Phishing is…

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Research August 30, 2016

Whaling: The Hunt for High Profile Business Targets

What are whaling attacks? “Whaling” attacks, also called Business Email Compromise (BEC), are a newer form of phishing attack. Phishing attacks consist of messages sent to would-be victims that try to deceive them into clicking…

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Research May 20, 2016

Spear Phishing 2.0 Adds Social Engineering & VM Evasion

Spear phishing attacks are a rising threat faced by organizations. These well-planned attacks can deceive even the most cautious users. Unlike old-fashioned mass phishing attempts, these attacks are directed at specific individuals or companies and…

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