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Security Insights October 21, 2015

ThreatCloud IntelliStore Marketplace – A new actionable approach to Threat Intelligence

Cyber threats have significantly increased in number and in complexity. With malware evolving constantly, we require a steady stream of information on emerging threats to optimize our security systems in place. There are several vendors…

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Security Insights October 19, 2015

Our Mission To Cure The Healthcare Security Epidemic

The healthcare industry has taken a major beating in terms of cyber security attacks. In the past two years, there has been a myriad of breaches, compromising the personal health information (PHI) of millions. According…

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Security Insights October 2, 2015

A Solution for the Evolving Threat Landscape

The threat landscape has severely changed over the last few years, and organizations have to constantly keep up with sophisticated threats and advanced tactics of cybercriminals. With multiple tools at hackers’ disposal, new threat variants…

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Threat Research June 9, 2015

New Data: Volatile Cedar Malware Campaign

      At the end of March, we published a blog post and a whitepaper about a cyber-espionage campaign dubbed “Volatile Cedar.” This campaign has successfully penetrated targets world-wide, using a variety of attack…

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Threat Research May 20, 2015

Check Point Threat Alert: Logjam

Executive Summary A major flaw was discovered with SSL and was named “Logjam”. The flaw affects a number of fundamental web protocols. 8.4% of the Top 1 Million domains were initially vulnerable. SK106147 – Check…

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Threat Research April 16, 2015

Check Point Threat Alert – Simda

Overview   The Simda botnet is a network of computers infected with self-propagating malware which has compromised more than 770,000 computers worldwide.   Since 2009, cyber criminals have been targeting computers with unpatched software and…

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