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Android April 6, 2017

The latest findings on Chrysaor (Pegasus for Android) are even more stealthy

Earlier this week Google published a research about a new sophisticated spyware tool for Android, believed to be related to the Pegasus malware for iOS, which was discovered in August 2016. As Google wrote in…

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Security Insights March 22, 2017

Ransomware– Not Only File Encryption

Ransomware is an ever-increasing threat worldwide, claiming new victims on a regular basis with no end in sight. While most ransomware families prevent the victims from accessing their documents, pictures, databases and other files by…

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Threat Research March 15, 2017

Check Point Discloses Vulnerability that Potentially Allows Hackers to Take over Hundreds of Millions of WhatsApp & Telegram Accounts

One of the most concerning revelations arising from the recent WikiLeaks publication is the possibility that government organizations can compromise WhatsApp, Telegram and other end-to-end encrypted chat applications. While this has yet to be proven,…

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Threat Research March 14, 2017

Merry X-Mas Ransomware Decryption Tool

Merry X-Mas is a ransomware that was first spotted in the wild on January 3, 2017. Upon successful infection, the ransomware encrypts victims’ files and presents a “Merry Christmas” ransom note with a holiday-themed design…

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Threat Research March 13, 2017

Hancitor Makes First Appearance in Top Five ‘Most Wanted’ Malware in Check Point’s February Global Threat Impact Index

Hancitor has surged into the top five of our ‘most wanted’ malware families worldwide for the first time, according to the new February Global Threat Impact Index from our Threat Intelligence Research Team. The downloader,…

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Threat Research February 8, 2017

Hummingbad Overtaken as Leading Mobile Malware in January’s Global Threat Impact Index

 Hummingbad has been overtaken as the leading mobile malware for the first time since February 2016, according to the new January Global Threat Impact Index from our Threat Intelligence Research Team. Hummingbad was replaced at…

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Security Insights February 6, 2017

Check Point Prevention at the Movies, Rogue One: Data Loss on a Galactic Scale

  The Client: The Galactic Empire   The situation: Security researchers at Check Point have attributed an attack on the client to a hacking group calling itself the “Rebel Alliance.” Researchers have identified the motive driving…

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Threat Research January 16, 2017

Malware Takes a Christmas Break in December’s Global Threat Index

Global malware attacks decreased by 8% in December compared with the previous month, with the popular Locky ransomware recording a huge 81% decrease per week, according to the latest monthly Global Threat Index from Check…

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Threat Research January 3, 2017

Looking for a New Employee? Beware of a New Ransomware Campaign

Despite trying to brand itself as a new malware, GoldenEye, the latest Petya variant, is very similar to older versions and differs mostly in its “golden” motif. The most prominent change, however, is how the…

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Threat Research August 18, 2016

July’s Top 10 Most Wanted Malware

Check Point Software Technologies today revealed the number of active malware families decreased by 5 percent in July, as the company disclosed the most prevalent malware families attacking organizations’ networks in the month. During July,…

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