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Uncategorized March 8, 2017

The Skinner adware rears its ugly head on Google Play

A new member of the ever growing adware-found-on-Google-Play-list has been found. Previous members include Viking Horde, DressCode and CallJam, among many others. The malware, dubbed “Skinner”, was embedded inside an app which provides game related…

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Security Insights June 17, 2016

In The Wild: Mobile Malware Implements New Features

Malware developers just won’t stand still. They continue developing malware as they go, sometimes to adapt to the changing threat landscape, and sometimes simply to improve their capabilities. Recently, two examples of such advancements presented…

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Security Insights June 3, 2016

In The Wild: Never a Dull Moment with Mobile Malware

Mobile malware learns fast. Every time new security measures come along, malware somehow manages to find a way to overcome them. This week we bring you such a story, with further details about Viking Horde,…

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Security Insights May 20, 2016

In The Wild: Malware in Google Play is as Prevalent and Pesky as Ever

Not a week passes without new malware found on Google Play and this week was no different. Among the malware found are both new and old samples, including a known malicious banker and a new…

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Threat Research May 9, 2016

Viking Horde: A New Type of Android Malware on Google Play

The Check Point research team uncovered a new Android malware campaign on Google Play it calls Viking Horde. Viking Horde conducts ad fraud, but can also be used for other attack purposes such as DDoS…

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