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Research March 15, 2017

Check Point Discloses Vulnerability that Potentially Allows Hackers to Take over Hundreds of Millions of WhatsApp & Telegram Accounts

One of the most concerning revelations arising from the recent WikiLeaks publication is the possibility that government organizations can compromise WhatsApp, Telegram and other end-to-end encrypted chat applications. While this has yet to be proven,…

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Research March 7, 2017

Choice, Flexibility and Advanced Security – Now with Google Cloud Platform

As a general rule of thumb, it has been a long accepted strategy in IT to avoid vendor lock in, or trusting too much in a single equipment provider that you get stuck because changing…

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Research October 14, 2016

Android Updates: Hurry Up and Wait  

Google, device makers and carriers take too long to update Android vulnerabilities. In fact, while it takes Apple just days to update iOS when it finds a vulnerability, Threatpost points out that it can take Google weeks or even months…

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Research September 22, 2016

Gartner Recognizes the Importance of Mobile Threat Defense

HummingBad. Stagefright. QuadRooter. Mobile malware and vulnerabilities have been making headlines well over the past year, and attacks are becoming a more common way for cybercriminals to steal sensitive data. We believe this trend –…

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Research September 16, 2016

In The Wild: App Stores Are No Sanctuary for Mobile Malware

Most mobile users rely on Google Play and the Apple App Store for their safety and assume that by downloading only highly-rated apps from these stores keeps them safe from mobile malware. In the past,…

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Research August 26, 2016

Web Scripting Language PHP-7 Vulnerable to Remote Exploits

Exploiting server side bugs is a jackpot for hackers. Users tend to keep their data in one big pot – the server. This allows attackers to focus on one target, instead of individual users, making…

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Research August 24, 2016

The QuadRooter Domino Effect

Component suppliers, Android device manufacturers and developers all test their products rigorously. Even still, vulnerabilities — both in hardware and software — can be found on the smartphones and tablets we trust with our sensitive…

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Research May 12, 2016

Hack In The Box: System Vulnerabilities Can Leave Mobile Devices Exposed

System vulnerabilities are a major threat facing users and enterprises today, and these need to be remedied thoughtfully. Since these vulnerabilities don’t require social engineering schemes to become exposed, and because they have an alarmingly…

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April 13, 2014

Is your Mobile Device Vulnerable to the Heartbleed Bug? Test it now.

Heartbleed has taken the Internet by storm, affecting both PC and mobile users. Heartbleed is a serious flaw in the method used by more than two thirds of the Internet to secure communications between users…

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