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Corporate Blog August 8, 2018

FakesApp: Using WhatsApp to Spread Scams and Fake News

In a disturbing revelation, Check Point researchers have discovered a vulnerability in WhatsApp that allows a threat actor to intercept and manipulate messages sent by those in a group or private conversation. By doing so,…

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Threat Research September 8, 2015

WhatsApp “MaliciousCard” Vulnerabilities Allowed Attackers to Compromise Hundreds of Millions of WhatsApp Users

Introduction WhatsApp Web is a web-based extension of the WhatsApp application on your phone. The web application mirrors all messages sent and received, and fully synchronize your phone and your desktop computer so that users…

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Threat Research April 26, 2014

Weekly Mobile Security News Roundup – Are your Mobile Apps Exposing Sensitive Data?

For the first time in several weeks, this week’s summary isn’t dominated by the OpenSSL vulnerability - Heartbleed. While Heartbleed may not breaking news anymore - we still recommend making it a priority to ensure your enterprise is protected from it. This week’s items serve as another reminder of the different ways an app or a device can expose sensitive data.

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