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Threat Research August 31, 2015

Global XMPP Android Ransomware Campaign Hits Tens of Thousands of Devices

Introduction Ransomware has been a well-known method of attack in the PC world for quite some time. Many PC-based ransomware variants have been thoroughly covered and their malicious payloads described by security researchers. In the…

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Security Insights August 27, 2015

Leadership, Validation, Innovation and Continuous Improvement

From 1,300 known viruses in 1997 to over 100,000 new malware variants created each day in today’s world, the business of threats has become an industry operating at a dizzying velocity. Combatting today’s industrial production…

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Threat Research August 25, 2015

Certifi-gate Found in the Wild on Google Play

New Insights on the Extent, Exploitation, and Mitigation of This New Threat Three weeks ago, Check Point publicly disclosed Certifi-gate, a new vulnerability on Android. Using anonymous data collected from the Certifi-gate scanner, an app…

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Threat Research July 21, 2015

One Click Office Exploit – Introducing the Office Exploit Builder

A new threat called “office exploit builder” allows attackers to generate stealth MS Office files (Word & Excel formats) with macros to download and execute malicious code on a victim’s machine.   Cybercriminals are increasingly…

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Security Insights July 16, 2015

Some Lessons from the Hacking Team Breach

Reactions to the breach at Hacking Team, as described in Steve Ragan’s recent blog post, have ranged from shock that a security company could be so deeply exposed to glee at these surveillance specialists getting…

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Threat Research July 9, 2015

Check Point Threat Alert: Hacking Team

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY   Hacking Team is an Italian company that provides security services and tools to governments and law enforcement organizations.   The company experienced a data breach on Monday, July 6th, resulting in 400…

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Security Insights July 6, 2015

Crime Marches On

What a long way we’ve come since the days of simply relying on firewalls. Just as threats have evolved—from an attack called Morris Worm to an attack called POODLE—so have the strategies and tools for…

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Security Insights June 16, 2015

Check Point 2015 Security Report Paints a Picture of the Threat Landscape—And it’s Not Pretty

This month, Check Point released its annual security report—a trove of statistics and trends culled from collaborative research and in-depth analysis of more than 300,000 hours of monitored network traffic, from more than 16,000 Threat…

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Threat Research May 20, 2015

Storm Kit – Changing the rules of the DDoS attack

Background Distributed denial of service (DDoS) is one of the most commonly used cybercriminal methods. It’s easy, cheap and difficult to trace, and “service providers” can be found throughout the “dark” Web. As a result,…

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Threat Research April 29, 2015

Threat Alert: WordPress Cross-Site Scripting

Overview   The WordPress content management system used by millions of websites is vulnerable to two newly discovered threats that allow attackers to take full control of the Web server. The attack code targets one…

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