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Charger Malware Calls and Raises the Risk on Google Play

Several weeks ago, Check Point Mobile Threat Prevention detected and quarantined the Android device of an unsuspecting customer employee who downloaded and installed a 0day mobile ransomware from Google Play dubbed “Charger.” This incident demonstrates how malware can be a dangerous threat to your business, and how advanced behavioral detection fills mobile security gaps attackers…

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Threat Research January 24, 2017

A Whale of a Tale: HummingBad Returns

  Check Point researchers have found a new variant of the HummingBad malware hidden in more than 20 apps on Google Play. The infected apps in this campaign were downloaded several million times by unsuspecting users. Check Point informed the Google Security team about the apps, which were then removed from Google Play. This new…

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Threat Research January 23, 2017

What’s the Proteus Botnet and how does it work?

  The Proteus botnet emerged toward the end of November 2016.  Only a few samples of it were found in the wild and, at the moment, it doesn’t seem to have a widespread campaign.  So, what does it do? It launches a multi-layered attack on an infected machine where it runs several processes aimed at…

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Threat Research January 19, 2017

Malware Takes a Christmas Break in December’s Global Threat Index

Global malware attacks decreased by 8% in December compared with the previous month, with the popular Locky ransomware recording a huge 81% decrease per week, according to the latest monthly Global Threat Index from Check Point’s Threat Intelligence Research Team. This isn’t an invitation to businesses to sit back and relax, however. Our team predicts…

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Threat Research January 16, 2017

SWIFT Attacks Require Swift Investigations

Gadi Naveh, Advanced Threat Prevention Evangelist and Tamara Leiderfarb, SandBlast Agent Technology Leader. SWIFT, the global financial messaging system, issued an alert message regarding new customer’s compromised environments by sophisticated adaptive attackers in an attempt to send fraudulent payment instructions. This resulted in February this year, when a successful attack of over $1 billion transactions…

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Security Insights January 6, 2017

The Right Security Architecture

When it comes to maintaining the best security, size doesn’t matter. Big or small, the dynamics of how companies secure their data have evolved as the security landscape has changed. In the past, security was focused on the perimeter, but today, it must be pervasive: everywhere, in everything and must move from simple access control…

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Security Insights January 4, 2017

Looking for a New Employee? Beware of a New Ransomware Campaign

Despite trying to brand itself as a new malware, GoldenEye, the latest Petya variant, is very similar to older versions and differs mostly in its “golden” motif. The most prominent change, however, is how the campaign spreads the ransomware. The current campaign used to distribute GoldenEye has a job application theme. It is therefore aimed…

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Threat Research January 3, 2017