Introducing Maestro – The Industry’s First Hyperscale Network Security Solution

Imagine you had a house – three bedrooms, two stories, one bathroom on a single-family lot.

And now imagine that you wanted to expand this property – you want four stories, multiple units, many bathrooms.

What if we told you that you could build that dream house up in two weeks – without lifting a single brick?

Check Point Maestro can do that for your network security, because Maestro is the industry’s first hyperscale network security solution.


Security As Dynamic and Scalable As The Cloud

With Check Point Maestro, organizations can easily scale up their existing Check Point security gateways on demand — the same way as they can spin up new servers and compute resources in public clouds.

By extending the Gen V security capabilities of our Infinity architecture into hyperscale environments, Maestro allows organizations to secure their dynamic, evolving environments without limits… now and in the future.

Maestro enables a single Check Point gateway to expand to the capacity and performance of 52 gateways in minutes, giving companies elastic flexibility and enabling massive Terabit/second firewall throughput. This nearly limitless scalability enables organizations to secure the largest, most resource-hungry environments, such as hyperscale data centers, telcos and mobile networks.


Security, Resiliency, Supremacy

Check Point Maestro delivers advanced new capabilities:

  • Hyperscale security: customers can scale up their existing gateways of any size on-demand, to support over 50x their original throughput, within minutes.  It gives seamless expansion to hyperscale security, while protecting organizations’ existing investments.
  • Cloud-level resiliency: Maestro is the only unified security system that can offer cloud-level resilience and reliability to all organizations’ deployments, with Check Point’s HyperSyncTM giving advanced telco-grade clustering and full redundancy.
  • Operational supremacy: It is managed intuitively by Maestro Security Orchestrator, which controls all of an organization’s gateways as one unified security system, minimizing management overhead.


Learn more about Check Point Maestro here.