Higher Scalability, Enhanced Productivity

By Michael A. Greenberg, Product Marketing Manager, Security Platforms


There are many reasons why an organization might adopt Hyperscale computing. Hyperscale may offer the best or only way to realize a specific business goal like providing cloud computing services. Generally, though, Hyperscale solutions deliver the most cost-effective approach to addressing a demanding set of requirements. For example, a big data analytics project can be addressed effectively and economically through the scale and computing density available in Hyperscale. Rapid deployment and automated management capabilities make scaling out a simple and hassle free task for businesses of all sizes. By tightly integrating networking and compute resources in a software-defined system, you can fully utilize all hardware resources available to you. In addition, by orchestrating your resources in an innovative way, you get much more from what you already have.

Hyperscalability is in high demand and Hyperscale systems are being increasingly adopted across IT departments. The cyber security industry has a big interest in wanting to build private clouds and emulate the flexibility of having such a system. The actual turning point for Hyperscale architecture was the ability to combine all components needed to simply plug and play and create virtual machines on the fly. This was made possible when hypervisor entered the game. Ultimately, we want the benefits of the cloud, without the risks of the public cloud. Besides the flexibility a Hyperscale network security solution brings, it also dramatically boosts performance, while saving you money.



Scale up existing gateways of any size on-demand, supporting over 50x their original throughput, within minutes. It gives seamless expansion to Hyperscale security, while protecting organizations’ existing investments. Watch the video

Operational supremacy and simplicity

Managed intuitively with a dedicated device, which controls all of an organization’s gateways as one unified security system, minimizing management overhead. The simplicity of the solution is in its ability to deploy gateways fast and have automated management capabilities through a single pane of glass management. Scaling out is as simple as adding more cluster nodes. Watch the video

Cloud-level resiliency and cost efficiency

Gain an efficient N+1 clustering deployment under one unified system. When managing multiple logical gateways based on a single system, you can fully utilize all hardware resources for maximum cost-efficiency. Watch the video


Whether you’re starting out small, or your enterprise is established, a Hyperscale Network Security solution is the best way to secure and protect your current and future investments. Being able to start with your existing security implementations, no matter how small, means business of all sizes can scale their protection almost infinitely according to their changing business needs.

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