Introducing Check Point Horizon – the prevention-first SOC management platform

By Rafi Kretchmer, VP Product Marketing
September 13, 2022

How many products are you using to try to stop critical attacks on your networks, endpoints, mobiles, cloud environments, IoT devices and emails?

I’m going to guess there are a lot of platforms to manage and they’re probably overwhelming your SOC teams with infinite alerts. On a good day your team might be overwhelmed, and on a bad day, one of these attacks might sneak in and cause some serious damage.

On top of that, according to the Check Point Research Mid-Year Security Report, there’s been a 42% surge in cyber attacks across the globe.

So…. your SecOps teams are overwhelmed and cyber criminals are quickly scaling up their attacks. Not a great equation, It’s time to move away from security solutions which are focused on eliminating security alerts. Enterprises need prevention-first security across their entire IT infrastructure either as-a-service or for their own SOC teams to leverage. We’re here to solve the problem.

We want to ensure that your analysts and management platforms consolidate their knowledge and work intelligently to prevent threats before they impact your business.

Meet Check Point Horizon – our prevention-first security operations platform.
Prevention first is how we roll – which is why you’ll see the highest catch rate when you use our Infinity Architecture in prevention mode to protect all of your IT assets.
And with the introduction of Horizon, we’re offering customers three different solutions and services to optimize prevention further:

Horizon Events – Starting with Event Management, enabling your SOC teams to instantly gain visibility into logs across all security products so that they can better understand what events have been identified and blocked.

Horizon XDR/XPR – Next, our extended prevention and response – also known as XDR/XPR – represents the next generation of XDR security solutions. Firstly, the platform provides prevention rather than detection. This very fine accuracy, required for a prevention-first approach, is attained because Horizon XDR/XPR is powered by intelligence from the industry’s leading cyber security research center. Our research teams uncover even the most sophisticated advanced threats, by cyber criminals, nation-states, and everyone in between, and this intelligence is provided to you through the XDR/XPR platform. Secondly, Horizon XDR/XPR was designed by fellow analysts and that means that it has your SOC teams and their needs in mind. With the combined power of Check Point Research and ThreatCloud, we consolidate and correlate activity across your entire security real estate as well as those of our other global customers.

Horizon XDR/XPR doesn’t only take action when it sees an event coming from one sensor – for example a suspicious email. Instead it correlates events over time and across your security real estate so that you can stop attacks – maybe there’s an event on an endpoint and strange traffic requests on a gateway which add up to a malicious attack which can be immediately blocked. XDR/XPR blocks potential attacks automatically, and is powered by machine learning, as well as by our advanced research center.

Horizon MDR/MPR – For those customers who require a managed service, Horizon’s managed prevention and response – or MDR/MPR – solution, provides a SOC as a service. Our market leading Incident Response teams monitor the entire security real estate 24/7, 365 days a year, and block any threats in real time. We perform in-depth incident investigations and proactively hunt for threats using the industry’s most powerful threat intelligence and AI analytics tools. Our experts use orchestrated responses, alongside automated playbooks, to remediate your environment and improve defenses to prevent future attacks.

Prevention is in our DNA, and Horizon is powered by our very own cyber security researchers and analysts, and by ThreatCloud, the brain behind all Check Point products.

Our new Horizon offerings empower organizations of every size to take control of their security operations with Event Management providing visibility into all logs, XDR/XPR to provide SOC teams with the leading prevention-first security operations platform and with MDR/MPR, our expert powered 24/7 SOC-as-a-service.

No matter the size of your organization, it’s time to look to the Horizon, and shift to a prevention-first approach to security operations.

To learn more, join our webinar, “Revolutionizing the SOC Management Game with Prevention-First Security”, and visit the Horizon website.