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Corporate Blog January 19, 2018

Growing a Global Company: Recapping Gil Shwed’s Interviews with Forbes and Inc

If you ask any Check Point researcher or engineer for one word that describes what Check Point does best, you’ll get a wide range of answers — anything from “cybersecurity” to “cyber-security” to the rebels…

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Corporate Blog September 14, 2017

Highlights from CEO Gil Shwed’s Quora session

This week, our founder and CEO Gil Shwed participated in a fascinating Q&A session on Quora. He answered the Quora community’s top questions on cyber security, mobile security and innovation. Here are our editor’s pick…

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Research July 31, 2017

Re-Thinking the Cyber Consolidation Paradigm

The Battle of Consolidation vs. Best-of-Breed, does more security mean better security? You’re probably frequently scrutinizing whether or not your own organization’s cyber security is being properly managed. We’re constantly being bombarded with news of…

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Harmony July 19, 2017

Introducing Check Point SandBlast Mobile for Microsoft Intune

If your enterprise is using Microsoft EMS and is looking to further secure mobile devices while ensuring employee’s privacy and productivity, you’d be happy to know that Check Point has teamed with Microsoft Intune to…

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Research July 12, 2017

Check Point: A Leader in Vision and Execution in Two Gartner Magic Quadrants

Following the latest cyber attack outbreaks, WannaCry and Petya ransomware, businesses are now realizing just how vulnerable they are.  What seemed to be “good enough solutions” until now simply isn’t enough in today’s world. But…

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Research May 8, 2017

The Devil’s Bargain: Security or Productivity?

With so much riding on cyber security, those of us charged with providing it must make a devil’s bargain between conflicting priorities: maintain productivity by letting users receive and transmit information quickly, or protect information…

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Research April 26, 2017

Securing the Connected Car Steps Up a Gear

“Here in my car, I feel safest of all …” That line from Gary Numan’s hit single, ‘Cars’ sums up the way many of us feel when we’re driving: safe and protected in the privacy…

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Research April 20, 2017

Check Point Infinity – The Security Architecture of the Future – Today

Infinity is boundless.  Unfortunately so are your IT demands and security expectations.  The explosion of new technologies promising simplification, untold efficiencies and cost savings are only creating uncertainty, complexity and risk. There needs to be…

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Research April 17, 2017

When you look at files from your cloud, are they looking back at you?

When your users look at files served from your cloud platform, files that have tracking pixels could be looking back — revealing more than you should to outsiders about users and infrastructure. Security researchers are…

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Research April 13, 2017

The Unbearable Lightness of Operating Web-Based Attacks: How easy it is to steal money from IE 8.0-11.0 users

Looking back at the past year, there is no doubt that the malware-as-a-service industry, which sells and trades malware samples, attack tools, and a variety of services, is thriving. It means that cyber criminals with…

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