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Threat Research May 27, 2016

CryptXXX Ransomware: Simple, Evasive, Effective

CryptXXX emerged a few weeks ago and it’s been sneaky! It’s most impressive feature is the simplicity of its evasion techniques, which are giving it an advantage over most security systems. This has resulted in…

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Threat Research April 20, 2016

Inside Nuclear’s Core: Analyzing the Nuclear Exploit Kit Infrastructure

Malware use different methods to propagate. Exploit kits (EKs) have been one the most common platforms for infecting end-users in the past few years. While there are several different EKs out in the wild, there…

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Threat Research February 10, 2016

Too Much Freedom is Dangerous: Understanding IE 11 CVE-2015-2419 Exploitation

It’s been a while since a pure JavaScript vulnerability was widely used by exploit kits. The last few years mostly gave us IE Use-After-Free vulnerabilities. When those were dealt with by Microsoft’s IsolatedHeap and MemoryProtection…

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