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Threat Research August 2, 2016

SandBlast Receives ‘Recommended’ Rating Once Again

Hackers continue to target organizations with advanced malware. With over 390,000 new malware variants created each day1, traditional security solutions don’t stand a chance in this cat and mouse game. Organizations are constantly striving to…

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Threat Research July 11, 2016

Malware’s Constant Evolution Requires Advanced Protections

Malware developers are fast learners. They adapt to new security measures in record time and find new ways to evade detection or at least stay hidden long enough to complete their malicious goals. In this…

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Threat Research June 29, 2016

SandBlast Protects Customers from Widespread Cerber Ransomware Attack

Starting at 6:44am UTC on June 22nd, Avanan, a partner of Check Point, detected a large-scale ransomware attack against its Cloud Security Platform customers across multiple companies. We believe this attack was only detected by…

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Uncategorized June 22, 2016

Intel Spot On with CET

Intel has recently published a specification for a new technology meant to detect and block malware at the processor level. The technology, developed with the help of Microsoft, is called Control-flow Enforcement Technology (CET), and…

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Uncategorized May 17, 2016

Introducing Check Point SandBlast™ Cloud

The increasing adoption of cloud-based email tools such as Microsoft Office 365™ allows businesses to efficiently communicate and collaborate, without investing resources in managing and maintaining their own dedicated IT infrastructure. However, the shift to…

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Security Insights September 14, 2015

The Problem with Traditional Sandboxing

Hackers have come to recognize and understand the usual methods of threat prevention, like antivirus, anti-bot and firewalls. While these are essential elements in a comprehensive security program, today’s advanced hackers use their knowledge and…

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Security Insights September 9, 2015

The Sandbox Evolved: An Advanced Solution to Defeat the Unknown

The modern threat landscape is one of constant evolution. Everything is changing before our eyes – the types of security threats we face, and especially the methods cybercriminals use to infiltrate networks and confiscate data.…

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