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Volatile Cedar – Analysis of a Global Cyber Espionage Campaign

Today, we announced the discovery of Volatile Cedar, a persistent attacker group originating possibly in Lebanon with political ties. Beginning in late 2012, the carefully orchestrated attack campaign we call Volatile Cedar has been targeting individuals, companies and institutions worldwide. This campaign, led by a persistent attacker group, has successfully penetrated a large number of…

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Threat Research March 31, 2015

What Can We Learn from Clinton’s “Email-gate”?

Hillary Clinton has been scrutinized for using her private email account for Department of State-related correspondence. The so-called “email-gate” has put Mrs. Clinton in a hot-spot forcing her to provide explanations to what appears to be not only an attempt to hide official correspondence from the public but, more importantly, a breach in security.  …

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Security Insights March 27, 2015

Intelligence Report: Equation Group

Executive Summary The Equation Group, active since 2001, is a highly advanced and secretive computer espionage organization. The first report on Equation was published by Kaspersky during their 2015 Security Analyst Summit. The malware used in their operations, dubbed EquationDrug and GrayFish, is capable of reprogramming hard disk drive firmware. The group is using advanced techniques, predilection…

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Threat Research March 26, 2015

CuckooDroid – Fighting the Tide of Android Malware

The future is mobile. Few experts doubt this conclusion these days. The accelerating proliferation of smartphones and other devices powered by the Android operating system throughout the world has created a corresponding increase in mobile apps – especially malicious mobile apps. This relatively new, but rapidly evolving, type of malware poses previously unseen dangers.  …

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Threat Research March 24, 2015

Go Atomic or Go Home

Have you never heard the term ‘Atomic Segment’ used in security? Me neither. That is, until I came to Check Point. If you think about it, it makes a lot of sense. An atomic segment is a set of computing and networking elements that: (1) share a common security profile; (2) cannot further be subdivided…

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Security Insights March 23, 2015

Check Point Reveals New RCE Vulnerability in BitDefender Anti-Virus

Check Point’s Malware and Vulnerability Research Group today revealed new research into potential attacks of a crucial component in the Windows operating system, and demonstrated the use of such an attack by revealing a previously unknown vulnerability in Bitdefender Anti-Virus.   The operating system component, known as NDIS, serves as the connecting layer between the…

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Threat Research March 19, 2015

Shiver Me Timbers! DDoS Attacks Caused by Pirate Bay Trackers and DNS Misconfigurations?

In January of 2015 the Check Point Incident Response team (CPIR) had two DDoS attack cases from separate customers with similar characteristics: The first case: On Saturday January 10th a US Children’s Hospital called the CPIR Emergency Hotline because they were suffering a DDoS attack.. After quick examination, the attack traffic was found to have…

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