Congrats! More than 7000 applications in your database

Security managers will appreciate Check Point’s Application Control Software Blade. With more than 7000 pre-defined and supported applications, Check Point provides the industry’s strongest application security and identity control to organizations of all sizes. It enables IT teams to easily create granular policies—based on users or groups—to identify, block or limit usage of web applications, network protocols and other non-standard applications.


Leading categories that can be enforced flexibly in the rule-base include business applications, social networking applications, file storage and sharing, media sharing, anonymizers, instant messaging and P2P.


Check Point delivers the richest Applications database for detection of more than 7000 applications.  Check Point’s Application Research Team proactively and continually tracks new and updated applications with high and critical risk, popular applications as well as emerging platforms and business applications. Your security team can leverage these applications to easily create very granular policies based on users and groups – to identify, block or limit usage of web applications, network protocols and other non-standard applications. In addition, Check Point responds to customer requests and emerging needs and delivers the most up to date feed for enforcing application control policy.


Spend less time and resources monitoring your firewall traffic with Check Point’s easy-to –use policy management and rich application support.  More supported apps means more comprehensive coverage and therefore, more security and control.


Check Point’s Application Control Update now supports more than 7000 applications!



Check Point Applications Research team has delivered 474 applications during 2015.

In addition, detection for 250 SCADA protocols and sub commands were released during 2015.

The following chart shows the distribution of new applications in 2015 per category.



  • A Customer Service Request is available to request a new application support.
  • Queries for existing applications in our DB are available in appwiki.
  • To subscribe to Application Control release updates, send e-mail here.
  • A Signature Tool that allows creating custom applications for the Application Control blade is available here .