Meeting the Security Needs of 31 Nations: R80 Receives 2 Common Criteria Certifications

Check Point recently received international recognition for meeting the essential security requirements for government sectors across the globe. Check Point’s R80 Unified Security Management and Gateway Appliances achieved Common Criteria Certifications for EAL4+ and Protection Profile Compliance for providing leading security management technology to the 31 Nations belonging to the Common Criteria Recognition Agreement.

What is Common Criteria?

The Common Criteria for Information Technology Security Evaluation is an internationally recognized framework for testing and evaluating IT products to ensure they meet the security standards for government deployments.

Products are tested and evaluated by vendor-neutral third parties in order to verify the security claims of a vendor’s product.

Nations, enterprises, and governments recognize common Criteria Certifications as an accomplishment in providing leading security technologies that can be trusted and deployed across industries and geographies.

How Do Products Become Common Criteria Certified?

Products receive Common Criteria Certifications after they are independently tested, investigated, and their security claims are verified. Common Criteria Certification includes Protection Profiles and Evaluation Assurance Levels (EAL).

Protection Profile certifications evaluate how well a product meets specific government security requirements. Protection Profile certifications are required for security products used by government sectors in the US, Canada, UK, Australia, and New Zealand.

EAL certifications thoroughly evaluate and test products that secure governments and public networks. EALs are leveled from 1-7 to signify the amount of testing and evaluation the products went through.

Check Point’s Common Criteria Achievements

Check Point achieved two Common Criteria Certifications, including Protection Profile certification for Network devices, Firewall and VPN and EAL4+ certification for R80.30.

The new Firewall stateful inspection engine and IPS Blade Pattern Matcher were tested and evaluated, with both evaluations including independent feature and penetration testing and vulnerability analysis.

Both R80.30 certifications provide accreditation for Smart-1 appliances and specific enterprise appliances, including Threat Extraction and CloudGuard.

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