How SandBlast Mobile’s integration with Google Cloud enhances your Mobile Security Posture

By Hagay Sharon, Mobile Solutions Product Manager

Mobile Security is no longer optional. The working from home routine, where employees are increasingly accessing corporate data from their smartphones, extends organizations’ mobile attack surface and expose them to data breaches more than ever. Managing and securing users, devices, applications and data is a complex task which requires detecting, alerting and mitigating security risks on your Mobile Workforce devices. Read this blog post to learn how SandBlast Mobile, the market-leading MTD solution, together with Google Cloud’s leading endpoint management solution addresses these challenges using the fast detection, prevention and alert capabilities of SandBlast Mobile combined with Google Cloud policy management and remediation capabilities.

Securing a mobile device and the organization’s related applications and data requires best of class detection capabilities and fast and accurate alerting, both provided by SandBlast Mobile. Morover, it requires control over the mobile device, the organizations’ applications and data, as well as control over user’s permissions to other organizational systems, to prevent a compromised device from opening the door of your organization to hackers. The way to control a mobile device, its configuration, applications and data, is by using its MDM interface, as Google Cloud does.

Who’s controlling what

Mobile security is a top concern for every company these days – and for a good reason. In the new normal, your remote workers increasingly access corporate data from their mobile devices, and that means you’re exposed to data breaches more than ever.SandBlast Mobile is the market-leading Mobile Threat Defense solution that keeps your corporate data safe by securing employee’s mobile device across all vectors: apps, network and OS. Google Cloud manages your corporate users, applications and permissions across all enterprise managed mobile devices. The combination of SandBlast Mobile and Google Cloud gives a powerful security solution with end to end capabilities.

Don’t Leave Any Entry Door Open

You should be worried about mobile cyber-attacks as this is one of the 2020 tops trend – 18% of cyber-attacks in the first half of the year targeted mobile devices.  Choosing the best Mobile Security Solution to protect your Mobile Devices is now more important than ever. It’s important to make sure that all doors to your organization are closed, Check Point recommends you to combine SandBlast Mobile with Google Cloud MDM to enable automatic threat mitigation by leveraging Google Cloud access to the mobile device management and configuration interface for fixing security issues detected by SandBlast Mobile. This prevents compromised devices from accessing sensitive corporate information and the enterprise network.

The benefit is all yours

When combined together, Google Cloud and SandBlast Mobile deliver strong operational efficiencies for managing mobile security within a broader security infrastructure and allow efficient deployment and management inside your existing Google Cloud console.  When a threat is identified, SandBlast Mobile automatically alerts Google Cloud and at the same time mitigates any risk until the threat is eliminated. Integration with Google Cloud platform allows the solution to block user access to Google Cloud managed applications, according to pre-defined policies on Google Cloud, while SandBlast Mobile makes real-time, risk based policy adjustments on compromised devices, using SandBlast Mobile Protect app. SandBlast Mobile also activates an on-demand VPN to tunnel data traffic away from cybercriminals. By doing so, we prevent data exfiltration while still keeping users connected. Once the risk is remediated, SandBlast Mobile notifies Google Cloud with the updated status – in response Google Cloud removes the limitations posed on the managed applications and user permissions.

The combined solution automatically protects new devices as soon as they are enrolled in Google Cloud. Google Cloud will synchronize users, devices and organizational group information with SandBlast Mobile.

Devices are also automatically deleted from SandBlast Mobile once they have been removed or retired within Google Cloud.

To summarize, combining SandBlast Mobile best prevention and Google Cloud’s effective response and remediation gives you many security and mitigation benefits:

  • Keeps business assets and sensitive data on devices  safe from cyber attacks
  • The best Mobile Security solution with the highest catch rate in the market.
  •  Full visibility of devices and their security status.
  • Automatically blocks access to corporate resources and applications
  • Simple deployment and seamless integration with Google Cloud MDM

Take control of your organization’s cyber-security, try SandBlast Mobile now.