360° Phishing Protection for remote users with Check Point Harmony

By, Danielle Guetta, Product Marketing Manager

Securing the new ‘work from anywhere’ hybrid environment is an extremely complex task. It is also a top priority for many organizations, as 81% have adopted mass remote working, and 74% plan to do so permanently.

With that, a major part of your remote workforce security strategy should focus on phishing. According to Check Point Research, the first half of 2020 saw a staggering 3900% increase in phishing and malware attacks globally, and attackers don’t seem to be slowing down.

To help organizations protect their remote workforce from all imminent threats across all vectors, Check Point has recently introduced Harmony, the industry’s first unified security solution for users, devices and access.  Continue reading to learn how Check Point Harmony protects remote users from advanced phishing attacks regardless of where they are, the applications they access, or the devices they use.

To learn more about Check Point Harmony and how it protects users from all cyber threats, and across all vectors, we invite you to watch the webinar replay.

According to the Verizon 2020 DBIR report, attackers use phishing scams to steal corporate data as it is often the path of least resistance: start with a phishing scam targeting users laptops or mobile devices – steal credentials stored on the user’s device – with these credentials move within the organization’s network and machines in search of sensitive corporate data to steal.

Phishing attacks can hit your users in many different forms and through different devices. One example is a friend of mine that got her COVID vaccine the other day, and later that same day got a message from her supposed healthcare provider urging her to schedule her vaccine appointment. The link in the message presented her with a website asking her to log in to her online healthcare account, which luckily she didn’t do.

This is a good example of how phishing scams take advantage of current crises and megatrends to drive worried, distracted or stressed users to provide sensitive data or unintentionally forward and spread malicious content to other users.

With employees accessing corporate assets from all sorts of different devices and networks, and sharing these devices with their kids and other family members for Zoom classes and internet browsing, properly securing your users and valuable corporate data from these ever-advancing, multi-layered phishing attacks becomes an extremely challenging task.

Check Point Harmony: 360 degrees phishing protection

With Check Point Harmony, your users get the same level of protection regardless of where they are, the applications they access, or the devices they use. Whether it’s a phishing website, a social engineering attack through an email or collaboration apps, or a phishing SMS (smishing), the solution protects users from all types of phishing threats and across all attack vectors. Powered by revolutionary AI engines and the industry’s most extensive threat intelligence network, Harmony stops attacks before they ever reach users.

To learn more about Check Point Harmony and how it protects users from all cyber threats, and across all vectors, we invite you to sign up for our 6-part webinar series.

Harmony Endpoint is a complete endpoint security solution that prevents credential theft with Zero-Phishing technology, that identifies and blocks the use of phishing sites in real-time. Sites are inspected and if found malicious, the user is blocked from entering their credentials. Zero-phishing even protects against previously unknown phishing sites and corporate credential re-use.

Harmony Browse uniquely provides secure, fast, and private web browsing by inspecting all SSL traffic directly on the endpoint without adding latency or re-routing traffic through a secure web service. It blocks access to phishing websites and prevents the reuse of corporate passwords.

Users are protected while browsing the internet from their computer through both Harmony Browse and Harmony Endpoint.

Harmony Email & Office protects your users from advanced phishing and other social engineering attacks on cloud and on-prem mailboxes, as well as collaboration apps such as Teams, OneDrive, SharePoint and Google Drive.

Harmony Mobile is the market-leading threat defense solution. It keeps your corporate data safe by securing employees’ mobile devices across all attack vectors: apps, network, and OS. The solution blocks access to phishing sites, even those never seen before.


To learn how Harmony can help you protect your users and corporate data from the most advanced phishing threats and other cyber-attacks, watch the webinar replay, or attend our upcoming webinars.