Check Point Software Announces Integration of CloudGuard Network Security with Equinix Network Edge

By Jeff Engel, Cloud Alliance Architect, published June 11, 2021

Digital transformation has garnered massive momentum for cloud computing, and has reshaped enterprise IT as we know it. The ease and availability of the hybrid cloud provides businesses with dynamic options for developing and deploying services and applications at a fast pace.

In addition, modern hybrid cloud deployments are tremendously complex and typically span multiple providers. While these providers dedicate extensive efforts to supply security services, customers retain responsibility for how they use those services, including the data that is stored in them, and how it is shared and accessed.  These advances drive business performance and capability, but they also result in security that just can’t keep up.

With that in mind Check Point is thrilled to announce that CloudGuard Network Security is now available on the Equinix Network Edge platform. Equinix Network Edge is a virtual networking service that allows customers to extend into more locations by establishing a virtual point of presence within Equinix data centers. This joint solution gives customers the ability to deploy CloudGuard in minutes, anywhere in the world.

As organizations move workloads to the cloud, it is critical that consistent security policy is applied over all of an organization’s on-premise and cloud assets and workloads.  With CloudGuard running on top of Equinix Network Edge, organizations are able to extend Check Point’s world-class threat prevention technologies to and from their public cloud on-ramps and on-premises infrastructure.

CloudGuard’s multi-layered security architecture protects against even the most sophisticated attacks to effectively prevent the lateral spread of threats within virtualized environments and private cloud datacenters. Check Point’s unified management console delivers security consistency along with complete threat visibility and control to dramatically simplify policy management across both virtual (public/private/hybrid) and physical networks.

Network Edge provides virtual network services that run on a modular infrastructure platform, optimized for instant deployment and interconnection of network services. Customers can select, deploy and connect virtual network services at the edge in minutes with no additional hardware, no travel to the location and predictable cost.

Check Point CloudGuard Network Security improves Equinix security (source: Equinix)

“Today we’re excited to announce that Equinix helps deliver these security capabilities for multicloud architectures by adding Check Point CloudGuard Network Security to our Network Edge services”, wrote Vaughn Eisler, Director, Business Development, Security at Equinix. “With Check Point CloudGuard Network Security running on top of Network Edge, organizations are able to extend Check Point’s threat protection technologies to and from their public cloud on-ramps and on-premises infrastructure.”

Check Point CloudGuard Network Security on Network Edge is available in 15 metros worldwide.

Additional information:

Join a tech-talk on June 24, “Solving Security Challenges in a Hybrid Multicloud Environment” with Vaughn Eisler of Equinix and me – Jeff Engel of Check Point.

Read more about the joint Check Point Software and Equinix solution in this blog post published in the Equinix blog.

If you’d like to create a Check Point CloudGuard Network Security gateway on Network Edge, read the Equinix documentation here.

If you have technical questions about the integration between CloudGuard and Equinix, please email me directly.

What’s next?

If you are migrating to the cloud and evaluating cloud network security solutions, download the Buyer’s Guide to Cloud Network Security to understand:

  • The top 10 considerations when evaluating and choosing a cloud network security solution
  • An overview of Check Point CloudGuard and how it answers the top 10 considerations
  • The relative benefits of the solutions provided by leading cloud providers and third-party security vendors

To read the Forrester Total Economic Impact of CloudGuard Network Security, where Forrester interviewed a $10B+ US-based healthcare company who uses CloudGuard to secure their hybrid-cloud deployment and generated a 169% ROI, click here.

If you’d like to learn more about CloudGuard Network Security, please speak with your Check Point channel partner, your account Security Engineer or contact us.

If you are in the process of planning your migration to the cloud, please fill in the form to schedule a demo, and a cloud security expert will help to understand your needs.

Do you want to read more about cloud security?

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  • This document provides reference architectures for implementing the cloud security blueprint.

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