Check Point Software introduces the world’s fastest firewall delivering 20 times better price performance to the world’s most demanding datacenters

By Russ Schafer, Head of Product Marketing, Security Platforms

Check Point introduces the World’s Fastest Firewall delivering 20 times Better
Price Performance for the most demanding Enterprise Datacenters

New Quantum Lightspeed series of gateways utilize innovative ASIC technology, to deliver up to 3 Tbps of security throughput and ultra-low latency at 3 microseconds.

Paradigm Shift in Data Center Security

With the emergence of distributed SaaS applications and the need to better support remote workers, the modern data center is rapidly evolving to a hybrid architecture, with both on-premises and cloud operations. With network traffic growing 2 times every 3 years, enterprises of all sizes are challenged with delivering hyper-fast datacenter security at the speed of the network. Enterprises need to securely transfer hundreds of terabytes of data in minutes, provide low latency for high frequency financial transactions, while also scaling security on demand to accelerate access for remote workers and support hyper growth businesses like online commerce.

What kind of data center security solution will solve all of these challenges?

Check Point Partners with NVIDIA to Redefine Network Security with Quantum Lightspeed Hyper-Fast Firewalls

Check Point partnered with NVIDIA to integrate Quantum Lightspeed hyper-fast firewalls with NVIDIA’s most advanced ASIC to deliver line rate firewall performance at the speed of the network, setting a new standard in cybersecurity performance.  Quantum Lightspeed Firewalls introduce the biggest network security revolution in the last decade, delivering 10 times lower latency, 5 times faster security throughput, while also delivering 20 times better price-performance than competing solutions.

The key features that enable Quantum Lightspeed firewalls to accelerate data center security for all enterprises include:

  • 5 times better firewall throughput with unmatched scalability with
    • Up to 3 Tbps per security gateway system and 800 Gbps per single gateway
  • Ultra-low latency at 3 microseconds for a 10x improvement

With this breakthrough performance, enterprises can now support elephant flows and securely transfer terabytes of data in minutes instead of hours. Financial institutions can now securely process millions of hi-frequency trades with 3 micro-second latency, and any business can provide fast access for remote users and support high growth businesses like online commerce.

Let’s take a look at what key industry analysts like IDC think about Quantum Lightspeed’s breakthrough performance.

“Enterprises have distributed hybrid data centers and applications, so they need data center security that performs at the speed of their business. They want to securely accelerate data transfers between applications, other data centers, and backups to the hybrid cloud,” said Frank Dickson, IDC Vice President of Security and Trust. “Check Point Quantum Lightspeed hyper-fast firewalls deliver data center security performance at the speed of the network, enabling enterprises to transfer hundreds of terabytes of data in minutes instead of hours, provide low latency for high-frequency financial transactions, while also scaling security on demand to support high growth businesses like online commerce.”

Enterprise Demand for Hyper-Fast Firewall Data Center Security

Check Point Quantum Lightspeed firewalls are custom designed to meet and exceed the requirements of the most demanding enterprise data centers at a very competitive price-performance.  Check Point’s product and R&D leader provides an overview of how Quantum Lightspeed delivers break through data center security performance.

“As more enterprises rely on their hybrid datacenters to conduct business transactions, they need to implement a solution with network security speed,” said Dr. Dorit Dor, Chief Product Officer at Check Point.  “Our goal was to design a solution that would work in the most demanding data centers which require high security throughput, low latency and can expand on demand to support rapid growth. Check Point Quantum Lightspeed hyper-fast firewalls deliver line-rate firewall performance at the speed of the network, setting a new standard in cybersecurity performance.”

Let’s take a deeper look at three customer use cases that capture why enterprises need data center security at the speed of the network and how Quantum Lightspeed hyper-fast firewalls are the solution.

1) Transferring or Backing up TeraBytes of data in minutes:

Several industries including Manufacturing, Automotive, Retail, and Health Care, routinely transfer huge data, graphics and videos across their networks for use and analysis. Data Center backups alone generate massive TeraByte-sized flows of data, requiring hi-speed security throughput.  With Quantum Lightspeed, the 100 TB data file transfers that used to take hours can now can be done in minutes.

2) Scalable Security for High Speed Access to Data Center applications

With the increase in remote workers, every enterprise needs a scalable security platform that provides hi-speed access to data center apps. In addition, consumers have moved more of their shopping online requiring retailers to dramatically scale security to support peaks in online commerce.  Telehealth has expanded rapidly dramatically increasing the amount of data, images and videos healthcare enterprises need to handle. With the combination of Quantum Ligthspeed and Quantum Maestro architecture, enterprises can quickly scale up their datacenter secure access throughput to 3 Tbps. This would be an improvement of 15 times from a base of 200 Gbps. This level of on demand scalability will enable enterprises to support hyper-fast access to data center applications, and handle peaks in e-commerce website traffic.

3) High Frequency trading
Trading algorithms generate millions of transactions, so a fraction of a second makes a huge difference.  Up to 80% of trading on the stock market is done through automated programs that buy, sell or hold assets.  High frequency trading firms need network security technology that does not introduce latency while satisfying regulatory requirements.  Quantum Lightspeed firewalls securely process millions of high-frequency trades with ultra-low 3 micro-second latency. This is ten times lower than previous solutions.

Check Point and NVIDIA Partner to Accelerate Data Center Security

How do we achieve this level of data center security performance?  Check Point and Nvidia worked together to offload the stateful inspection part of the firewall processing to NVIDIA’s ConnectX networking cards. This avoids security processing bottlenecks and leverages NVIDIA’s most Secure and Advanced ASIC and Accelerate Packet Processing Technology.

Let’s see what our partner Nvidia has to say about the innovative Quantum Lightspeed Hyper-Fast Firewall security solution.

“AI, 5G and the proliferation of smart devices are just some of the trends propelling enormous growth in data center traffic and creating new cybersecurity challenges for enterprise,” said Michael Kagan, Chief Technology Officer at NVIDIA. “NVIDIA turbocharges zero-trust security in the data center and enables innovators such as Check Point to develop next-generation solutions like the Check Point Quantum Lightspeed security gateway, powered by the extreme performance of the NVIDIA ConnectX SmartNIC.”

Let’s take a look at the Quantum Lightspeed family of security gateways in more detail.

Quantum Lightspeed Family of Six Models to Deliver Hyper-Fast Data Center Security for Any Enterprise 

The Quantum Lightspeed family has four main models including the QLS 250, QLS 450, QLS 650 and QLS 800.  As you can see, the model number represents the firewall performance in Gbps.  All Quantum Lightspeed models deliver 3 microseconds of latency which is great for high frequency financial transactions. The two Quantum Maestro models are the MLS 200 and MLS 400.  Both of these models can scale up to 3 Tbps of firewall performance!

Firewall throughput depends upon the number of ConnectX NICs in the QLS model. Each ConnectX NIC has 2x 100G QSFP28 ports and delivers 200G of aggregate firewall throughput at an average of 3μSec ultra low latency.

Quantum Lightspeed firewalls include the Check Point stateful inspection firewall at an unprecedented price-performance when compared to competing solutions. All-inclusive security packages such as NGFW, NGTP, or SandBlast are also available. In addition redundancy is built-in with 2x 960GB SSD drives in a RAID1 array and hot-swappable redundant power supplies, ensuring continuity when one unit fails. They also include LOM, telescopic rails and high memory capacity; 128 GB in the QLS250 and 192 GB in the other 3 models, the QLS450, QLS650 and QLS800.

Get Quantum Lightspeed Hyper-Fast Firewalls for your Enterprise Data Center 

Quantum Lightspeed is the biggest innovation in network security in the last 10 years, and the industry’s fastest data center firewall security solution. The Quantum Lighspeed family of security gateways deliver 250 Gbps to 800 Gbps of throughput, scalability up to 3 Tbps per system, and ultralow latency at 3 microseconds. Quantum Lightspeed is designed to work in the most demanding datacenters that require high throughput, low latency and rapid growth.

To get a more information including a free demo of this ground breaking hyper-fast firewall, please visit our website.