CloudGuard AppSec extends its free trial and legacy WAF trade-in

By, Diana Polansky, Cloud Security Product Marketing Manager 

While CloudGuard has previously offered a legacy WAF trade-in for users of traditional web application firewalls who want modern web application and API protection but are locked into a WAF contract, we’ve decided to extend our offer upon improving CloudGuard AppSec’s WAAP capabilities — and finding out some of our features were already the best in the market.

Traditional WAFs have been around for decades and still provide value, but these solutions are highly dependent on signature updates, complicated rule-sets, highly skilled IT personnel, environment changes, and other factors that can be complex and costly. Moreover, they do not protect against new vulnerabilities.

With CloudGuard AppSec, users get a modern solution that goes beyond protecting against OWASP threats and determining which traffic is safe based on static rules. Instead, our WAAP solution self-learns and preemptively protects your web applications and APIs against zero-day vulnerabilities like Log4j and Spring4Shell. And you don’t have to make any manual updates or infrastructure changes that can put you at risk and raise your total cost of ownership (TCO).

Benefits of CloudGuard AppSec include:

Machine Learning-based Application Firewall

CloudGuard AppSec stops application layer attacks including OWASP Top 10 and zero-day vulnerabilities with no need for manual tuning and software updates.

API Security

CloudGuard AppSec stops malicious API access and abuse and enforces API schema.

Bot Prevention

CloudGuard AppSec identifies and stops automated attacks before they negatively impact the bottom line or customer experience.

Intrusion Prevention

CloudGuard AppSec offers protections for over 2,800 WEB CVEs, based on Check Point award winning NSS-Certified IPS + Support for custom Snort 3.0 signatures.

Integration into Modern Environments and Workloads

CloudGuard AppSec can be deployed and managed into multiple environments and workloads (public cloud & Kubernetes) and CI/CD workflows supporting AWS, Azure, VMWare, Kubernetes Ingress, Docker and Linux Servers.

Promotion Details

Check Point is happy to give WAF users the opportunity to try CloudGuard AppSec for 30 days, and then trade in whatever time they have left on their existing contract with a competing WAF vendor upon signing a 12-month CloudGuard AppSec contract.

For example: if a potential customer submits a signed contract or proof of purchase from a WAF vendor that is still valid for a fixed term (let’s say 6 more months), then we’ll offer that time for free on top of a 12 month AppSec subscription (in this case, the customer would get 18 months of AppSec while paying for 12 months).

The offer is extended through March 31, 2023. You can get started by filling out the form on our landing page or signing up through our self-serve portal. And if you’re eager to check out our WAAP solution now, please watch our on-demand-demo.


According to Gartner, WAAP solutions are the evolution of the traditional WAF. And according to our researchers, CloudGuard AppSec is the only WAAP solution on the market that can preemptively protect against new vulnerabilities. So for these reasons alone, we encourage you to take advantage of our offer. But if you’re not ready, we invite you to continue reading about CloudGuard.

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