Click-Time Protection – URL Emulation

Posted by jonathango on July, 28, 2022

Harmony Email & Collaboration’s Click-Time Protection now also emulates websites behind links, to detect elusive zero-day phishing websites.

As email-based attacks become more and more sophisticated, attackers are able to generate phishing campaigns in such a way that the phishing website they link to does not have any known bad reputation, sometimes for hours and days after the emails are sent.

Harmony Email & Collaboration takes advantage of Check Point’s state of the art security engine – Zero-Phishing. This engine is designed to emulate websites that do not have known bad reputation to find hidden phishing indicators.

Now, when users click on links that are replaced by Click-Time Protection, the websites behind the links are not only checked for reputation (using Check Point’s URL Reputation engine), but are also emulated to detect zero-day phishing websites.

To enable or disable this type of inspection, go to Configuration -> Security Engines -> Click-Time Protection -> Configure


Note – this feature is now gradually deployed and will be available in your portal in the next 2 weeks.