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Threat Research November 14, 2014

Mobile Security Weekly: Behind Masque Attack, Russian Worm Spreading, BlackBerry & Samsung Team Up

This week’s issue is dominated by MasqueAttack. The vulnerability, which has caused the US government to issue a security warning for all iOS users, is undoubtedly a major threat. The fact that Apple may have…

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Threat Research October 31, 2014

Mobile Security Weekly – Three New But Classic iOS and Android Attacks

This week’s issue includes three classic mobile security issues that shine a spotlight on iOS and Android attacks. Far from the type of news enterprises want to see, these are new ways mobile device users can…

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Threat Research October 24, 2014

Mobile Security Weekly – iOS Jailbroken, Knox Cracked, Android Exposed (Again)

This week’s coverage includes a wide range of security issues, from security solutions that aren’t good enough to another new way for attackers to target devices. Just over a month after the release of iOS…

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Threat Research September 30, 2014

Chinese Government Targets Hong Kong Protesters With Android mRAT Spyware

Protesters in Hong Kong are being targeted by a social engineering campaign aiming to infect Android devices with an advanced surveillance mRAT A malicious, fake Android mRAT app claiming to coordinate the Occupy Central pro-democracy movement…

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Threat Research September 29, 2014

Shellshock A.K.A Bash Bug – A Serious Vulnerability That Could Affect Rooted or Jailbroken Mobile Devices

The security world is buzzing with news regarding the “Bash Bug”, also known as Shellshock,  a vulnerability discovered in one of the most fundamental interfaces powering the internet that is already being described as being…

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Threat Research

Vulnerability Discovered Within Default Android Web Browser

A Vulnerability That Could Enable a Threat Actor to Run Malicious Code on a Victim’s Device Has Been Disclosed by Google Several weeks ago, Google discretely disclosed a vulnerability within the ASOP browser, the browser that…

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Threat Research September 21, 2014

Mobile Security Weekly – A Whole New iWorld

This edition of the Mobile Security Weekly couldn’t start with anything but the release of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. With it, all the old discussions of Android vs iPhone have risen again, along…

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Threat Research July 2, 2014

Is Android Fragmentation making the OS as fragile as glass?

What is fragmentation and how does it affect the security of the Android-based devices? Join our podcast where Dan Koretsky, our sr. security researcher at Lacoon Security, provides a brief overview of Android fragmentation and its implications on enterprise security.

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Threat Research June 16, 2014

“TowelRoot” Gives Root Access to Samsung Galaxy S5 and other Popular Android Mobile Devices

A new vulnerability, codenamed TowelRoot, was recently released for the Linux kernel (CVE-2014-3153)  through version 3.14.5 and it has affected Android 4.4 mobile devices. This vulnerability is extremely prevalent and exists on almost every popular…

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Threat Research April 28, 2014

Bleeding-in-the-Browser – Why Downplaying of Reverse Heartbleed Risk for Mobile is Dangerous to the Enterprise

For the past few weeks, we’ve been researching methods to protect our customers from Heartbleed. Some researchers downplay client-side Heartbleed attacks and believe them to be improbable due to the required scenarios for an attack and…

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