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Research October 20, 2015

Digging for Groundhogs: Holes in Your Linux Server

In July 2015, Check Point’s Incident Response team was contacted by a customer after they noticed strange file system activities occurring in one of their Linux based DNS BIND servers. This strange behavior consisted of…

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Research September 14, 2015

The Problem with Traditional Sandboxing

Hackers have come to recognize and understand the usual methods of threat prevention, like antivirus, anti-bot and firewalls. While these are essential elements in a comprehensive security program, today’s advanced hackers use their knowledge and…

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Research July 16, 2015

Some Lessons from the Hacking Team Breach

Reactions to the breach at Hacking Team, as described in Steve Ragan’s recent blog post, have ranged from shock that a security company could be so deeply exposed to glee at these surveillance specialists getting…

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Research July 8, 2015

Stopping the Next Massive Cyberattack: 5 Steps to Stronger Security

The aftershocks of the 2014 breaches are still reverberating across the security landscape, and many organizations are starting to examine their own security programs, wondering how they can avoid becoming the next big breach story.…

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Research July 6, 2015

Crime Marches On

What a long way we’ve come since the days of simply relying on firewalls. Just as threats have evolved—from an attack called Morris Worm to an attack called POODLE—so have the strategies and tools for…

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Research June 30, 2015

Stopping the Next Massive Cyberattack – Step 5: Incident Response Plans

The Do’s and Don’ts of a Strong Incident Response Plan Check Point’s 2015 Security Report revealed that 81% of organizations said they experienced a data loss incident in the previous year. If there’s one conclusion…

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Research June 18, 2015

Stopping the Next Massive Cyberattack – Step 4: Monitor

With the rise of cyber threats, ensuring your organization is protected against malicious attacks requires constant awareness and visibility into the network’s security infrastructure. Monitoring network activity is essential to strengthening an organization’s defense against…

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Research April 24, 2015

Stopping the Next Massive Cyberattack

Cybercriminals are quite pleased with themselves. Their recent handiwork has resulted in breaking news headlines, cover stories of major newspapers and banners flashing with details of the latest data breach. Unfortunately, the headlines displaying their…

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Research April 16, 2015

Protecting Beyond the Point of Sale

The sad reality is that retail breaches are becoming too common. With over a billion credit cards in circulation in the US and over 7 billion worldwide, credit card data has become a prime target…

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