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Corporate Blog June 28, 2022

Malicious Hackers go to Work as We Head for the Sun: Travelers Need to be on Their Guard Over the Summer Holidays and Weekend Breaks

With summer travel expected to increase this year, Check Point warns travelers to stay vigilant and follow cyber safety precautions to stay protected before and whilst on vacation As the summer vacation season fast approaches,…

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Corporate Blog June 22, 2022

Cybersecurity for banks – Enabling secure SD-WAN connectivity for branches

By Alon Bar, Product Marketing Manager Connecting branches directly to the cloud can significantly increase the risk of attack via malicious files, malware, zero-day, bots, viruses, APTs, and more. To mitigate these risks, many banks…

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Corporate Blog June 21, 2022

Check Point Meets International Cybersecurity Standards for Governments and Enterprises around the world

Check Point once again achieves the internationally recognized Common Criteria certification for its Quantum security solutions including gateways, firewalls and cybersecurity management platforms. Common Criteria certification plays a critical role in validating cybersecurity products and…

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Corporate Blog June 17, 2022

The Cybersecurity Consolidation Conundrum: Why Less is Sometimes More

While employees and organizations are busy settling into remote or hybrid working, cybersecurity professionals continue to grapple with the challenges that come with a rapidly expanding network perimeter. And with every new ransomware attack that…

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Corporate Blog June 15, 2022

How cybersecurity readiness prevents small and medium businesses (SMBs) from fuelling supply chain attacks

Supply chain attacks aren’t new. If the past couple of years have taught businesses anything, it’s that the impact of supply chain cyber attacks is now, universal, from the fallout of the SolarWinds software breach, to…

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Corporate Blog June 14, 2022

Iranian Spear Phishing Operation Targets Former Israeli Foreign Minister, Former US Ambassador to Israel, Former Israeli Army General and Three other High-Profile Executives

Check Point Research (CPR) exposes an Iranian spear-phishing operation targeting high-profile Israeli and US executives. The attackers hijacked emails of senior people in Israel and then used it to target other high-level officials to steal…

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Corporate Blog June 9, 2022

What role did a viral pandemic play in cyber security consolidation?

By Antoine Korulski, Product Marketing Manager, Infinity architecture With cyber-attacks against corporate networks increasing 50% year-over-year, it has become clear that the past year has seen a dual pandemic, a biological and a cyber one.…

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May 2022’s Most Wanted Malware: Snake Keylogger returns to the index in eighth place following email campaigns delivering the malware via PDF files

Our Global Threat Index for May 2022 reveals that Emotet, an advanced, self-propagating and modular Trojan, is still the most prevalent malware impacting 8% of organizations worldwide, a slight increase from last month as a…

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Crypto-Miners Leveraging Atlassian Zero-Day Vulnerability

Introduction On May 31, a critical unpatched vulnerability, which affects all confluence server and data center supported versions was reported to Atlassian by Volexity, a security company. Atlassian warned their customers of the critical vulnerability…

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Corporate Blog June 8, 2022

Privilege Escalation in Azure: Keep your enemies close, and your permissions closer

By Omer Shmuelly, Security Researcher, Cloud Security, published June 8, 2022 As more and more organizations are migrating their infrastructure to the cloud, a unified cloud security tool, such as Check Point’s CloudGuard becomes essential.…

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