Introducing Check Point SandBlast™ Cloud

The increasing adoption of cloud-based email tools such as Microsoft Office 365™ allows businesses to efficiently communicate and collaborate, without investing resources in managing and maintaining their own dedicated IT infrastructure. However, the shift to cloud-based tools also brings with it an array of security risks, including sophisticated attacks like spear-phishing and ransomware that use email as a primary entry point, resulting in financial impact, data loss and lost productivity.

In most organizations, protection for cloud-based email is still limited to traditional solutions that only detect previously known threats. This leaves organizations vulnerable to sophisticated unknown malware variants and the latest zero-day attacks hidden in email attachments and URLs within emails. When moving to cloud-based email, it is essential that organizations are able to leverage the benefits of cloud-based solutions, while maintaining the same robust security protection against modern malware that they have on their network.

Check Point SandBlast Cloud, the newest member of our industry-leading SandBlast family of solutions, extends advanced threat prevention to Microsoft Office 365™ email customers. The SandBlast Cloud solution leverages the full capabilities of SandBlast Zero-Day Protection, utilizing Microsoft APIs for deep integration, allowing a transparent user experience while ensuring full email continuity.

Prevention of Unknown Malware and Zero-Day Threats

The new SandBlast Cloud solution utilizes Check Point’s unique CPU-level detection and Threat Emulation sandboxing engine to intercept inbound files, including any files originating from URLs within emails and analyze them in a virtual environment to proactively prevent malicious files from reaching users. SandBlast Cloud also extends Threat Extraction capabilities to cloud-based email to deliver clean, sanitized content to users without delay.

Blocking Known Malware

Check Point SandBlast Cloud also includes antivirus protection and URL reputation, updated with the latest threat intelligence data via ThreatCloud. SandBlast Cloud allows, blocks, or limits website usage based upon URL reputation and leverages antivirus signatures to secure against known malware.

Key Advantages of Check Point SandBlast Cloud:

  • Protects Office 365 cloud email against advanced and zero-day threats
  • Antivirus and URL Reputation protection secure users from known threats
  • Utilizes Check Point’s unique CPU-level detection to prevents unknown malware with the highest malware catch rate in the industry
  • Quickly delivers safe, sanitized versions of documents without interrupting business continuity
  • Content is analyzed in the cloud without interfering with the user’s experience
  • Seamless integration with existing infrastructure, delivered as a pure cloud solution to get up and running quickly
  • Full visibility and policy customization through cloud-based management portal

Organizations moving to the cloud need more than a traditional solution that protects only from known malware. SandBlast Cloud expands the ways enterprises can utilize Check Point’s most advanced threat prevention solutions, so they can move to cloud email infrastructure with confidence, knowing they can prevent email-based malware and zero-day attacks and ensure fast, safe delivery of their content.

To learn more about Check Point SandBlast Cloud, register and join one of our one-hour webinars on Advanced Threat Prevention for Office 365™ Cloud Email” on June 8th.