At Last, Automated Compliance Checks are Coming for AWS, Azure and GCP

Set it and forget it: it’s not just a slogan for chicken roasters anymore.

Dome9 Continuous Compliance is the latest addition to our platform and a great new way of maintaining a fully compliant cloud environment.

With Continuous Compliance, you can select a compliance standard and any of your Dome9 configured cloud accounts. Then, with the push of a button our platform will run automatic compliance checks (at least once an hour) and will alert you if any changes in your environment threatens its adherence to the standard.

Compliance checking can take up more mental real estate than a San Francisco Whole Foods. In fact, one of the most frequent issues our customers have in managing compliance is the logistical gymnastics it takes to stay on top of the process. You have to either rearrange your life around running individual compliance checks, or spend time writing scripts that leverage our API. We’re betting you have better things to do.

That’s why we built Continuous Compliance. With this feature, you can automate your checks and respond to alerts rather than constantly checking for mistakes that often aren’t even there. In short: we’re giving you your brain back.

Continuous Compliance has just landed as a pre-release alpha to a select group of test users. But it will be rolling out soon to all of our current clients so stay tuned!  

When it launches you will gain:

– Increased reliability and decreased human errors for your compliance and governance strategy through automation

– The introduction of new notification possibilities

– Significant improvement in your ‘security situational awareness’ and the ability to make fast changes without compromising security.

– Greater peace of mind when it comes to the effectiveness of your security policy

Reach out anytime if you’re interested in learning more about Dome9 or getting in on the ground floor of this new feature.