Live Public Preview: Check Point supports Eventarc for Google Cloud

By: Mark Brindley, Head of Cloud Security Alliance

Last year, Google Cloud launched Eventarc, a unified platform to build event-driven applications in the cloud. This week, Google announced the public preview of third-party sources in Eventarc. Check Point is proud for its CloudGuard platform to be a member of the first cohort of ecosystem partners to provide these sources.

In particular, Check Point’s CloudGuard Posture Management can raise security events, supply them to Eventarc, which can then trigger automated remediation or automatic policy enforcement.

The CloudGuard source is available in private preview today.

Eventarc has some exciting new features, including:

  • Simple Discovery and Setup: Configure an integration in two easy steps.
  • Fully managed event infrastructure: With Eventarc, there is nothing to maintain or manage. Connecting a SaaS ecosystem to Google Cloud is designed to be simple.
  • Consistency: CloudGuard sources are consistent with the rest of Eventarc, including a consistent trigger configuration and invocations in CloudEvent
  • Trigger multiple workloads: All supported Eventarc destinations are available to target with third-party source triggers.
  • Built-in Filtering: Filter on most CloudEvent attributes to allow for robust and easy filtering in the Eventarc trigger.

Many organizations use multiple platforms to run their businesses, but creating and maintaining integrations between these platforms has historically been time-consuming and complex. Eventarc’s support for third-party sources means that adding integrations between CloudGuard and customer applications in Google Cloud is now easier than ever.

With Eventarc and CloudGuard working together, the automation of policy enforcement, remediation, and more can save hours of manual effort and can strengthen and enhance the security of Google Cloud applications.

If you’d like to learn more about CloudGuard and Eventarc, please speak with a Check Point channel partner or representative, or contact us.