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Threat Research November 12, 2014

When it Comes to Security, What is Good Enough?

Ben Franklin once said that an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure. We couldn’t agree more when it comes to network security. From both time and financial standpoints, it is much…

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Threat Research November 10, 2014

Immobilize WireLurker Before It Immobilizes You

A recent malware, “WireLurker”, affects Apple OS X and iOS. As highlighted in the recent announcement by Check Point on mobile security, the amount of mobile malware is on the rise. In this case, WireLurker…

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Threat Research November 3, 2014

At the heart of Zero Day are 1440 minutes. What can happen in one minute?

At Check Point, we live in the same business world everyone else does, where we have to operate at the speed of our customers. In our case, though, one mistake impacts a lot more than…

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Threat Research

Plugging the Security Hole in a WordPress Plug-In

Check Point researcher, Roi Paz recently discovered a critical vulnerability that would have enabled attackers to steal personal and financial data from thousands of websites and their visitors via the LiveSupporti WordPress plug-in. After being alerted…

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Threat Research October 22, 2014

Pangu Pushes New Jailbreak for iOS 8

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Threat Research October 15, 2014

Don’t Pet This POODLE: New SSL 3.0 Bug

What is POODLE and how does it affect organizations?   On Tuesday, October 14th, Google researchers, Bodo Möller, Thai Duong and Krzysztof Kotowicz discovered a subtle but significant security weakness in version 3.0 of the…

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