Check Point R80 Just Made Neopharm’s Security Management Simpler

It’s becoming more challenging than ever to manage security across expanding networks, new technologies, and with growing business requirements. With the risk posed by modern threats, security teams need far more agility and visibility to efficiently manage it all. The Neopharm Group found what it needed—clear visibility, management efficiency and a way to reduce operational overhead—through Check Point’s R80 Security Management.

I recently sat down with Amir Shay, the IT and Security Manager of the Neopharm Group. Through its family of companies, Neopharm Group is engaged in the research and development, manufacturing, marketing and sales of a broad range of products in the Pharmaceutical, Consumer Healthcare and Medical fields. With 700 users in multiple locations, Shay is responsible for securing intellectual property and financial data.

A longtime Check Point customer, Neopharm recently upgraded to Check Point’s R80 Security Management to take advantage of its next-generation features. Check Point’s R80 consolidates user and applications access, Threat Management, Mobile and VPN, and DLP policies all through one console. With R80 SmartEvent, threat visibility is fully integrated with logging, monitoring, event correlation and reporting.

In Shay’s words—the benefits of R80 are “cool”:

Better visibility: The team immediately and clearly sees threats arriving attempting to infiltrate the company’s network which are now blocked over the company’s network. Shay says that R80 is easy to understand and delivers actionable information which has enabled them to implement strong SLAs for internal users and Neopharm customers.

Secure business channels: Large customers connect to Neopharm’s business intelligence application for the latest sales and logistical data related to their accounts. Their traffic is secured through the Check Point VPN blade, so they know Neopharm is committed to the same high-performance and security for them as for its own traffic.

• Concurrency: Administrators in different locations can use the console at the same time without overwriting changes. None of them have to log out, wait for another to finish or log back in. It has already saved hours while providing secure workflow and collaboration on the same policy.

Simultaneous views: With R80 unified policy, the team can instantly see everything. Rules and their underlying logs are all visible in the same screen making incident response fast and easy.

For Neopharm, Check Point is a strategic partner and Shay’s team members can manage security in an intuitive and simple way. That’s great to hear. We’re looking forward to learning how Neopharm begins to work more closely with all of the new policy features in R80, so stay tuned.

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