Cyber Attack Trends: 2018 Mid-Year Report

When it comes to the global cyber threat landscape, threats are ever evolving, keeping organizations – as well as the security community – constantly challenged. From taking advantage of the Blockchain to developing new attack methods in the thriving mobile arena, threat actors utilize all the latest technologies to achieve their malicious goals.


In our Cyber Attack Trends: 2018 Mid-Year Report, we take a look at how so far this year, the different strains of malware and their authors have proven to be capable of much more than previously imagined, with more sophistication and a new level of agility. Indeed, as seen in our analysis of the GandCrab ransomware, malware is now rapidly adapting in real-time to the technology solutions offered by security vendors.


In addition, one of the biggest ongoing trends is Cryptominers and crypto-related threats as a whole. Indeed, Cryptominers have taken the world by storm, becoming the leading attack vector used by threat actors this year, overtaking even ransomware.


The first half of 2018 also featured some new and interesting trends. Cloud infrastructure, for instance, has become one of the most attractive targets for threat actors; as the vast amount of sensitive data along with the available computing resources reside on the cloud environment, this platform has quickly captivated the attackers’ attention.


To provide organizations with the best level of protection, security experts must be attuned to the ever-changing landscape and the latest threats and attack methods. The Check Point Global Threat Intelligence Trends report provides a comprehensive overview of the malware landscape in the top categories of cryptominers, ransomware, banking and mobile threats, based on threat intelligence data drawn from the ThreatCloud World Cyber Threat Map between January and June 2018.


Download the Cyber Attack Trends: 2018 Mid-Year Report today to get up to speed and understand how these threats affect your organization.