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Security Insights September 27, 2016

Signature-based security solutions can leave networks defenseless for months

Can you afford five months without protection for your network? In a recent blog post, Avanan wrote that after five months of using a malware sample in their demos to show how malware can bypass…

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Uncategorized July 14, 2016

Ransomware’s Motto: The Simpler, The Scarier, The Better

A lot has been said about the ransomware epidemic. The number of infections worldwide increases daily, as well as the number of different variants. Check Point researchers have been analyzing ransomware for almost two years,…

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Threat Research July 5, 2016

Check Point Forensic Files: Cerber Ransomware Distribution using Office DOTM files

The start of a series This blog entry is the first in a new series featuring reports from Check Point SandBlast Agent Forensics. The concept is quite simple: we run a malware sample on a…

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Threat Research June 29, 2016

SandBlast Protects Customers from Widespread Cerber Ransomware Attack

Starting at 6:44am UTC on June 22nd, Avanan, a partner of Check Point, detected a large-scale ransomware attack against its Cloud Security Platform customers across multiple companies. We believe this attack was only detected by…

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Threat Research June 20, 2016

Cerber Ransomware Targets U.S., Turkey and the UK in Two Waves

New ransomware families appear on a regular basis, each with a different method of operation. The Cerber ransomware, which has a sophisticated implementation process, uses a very interesting tactic in its attacks. It operates in…

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